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Express Veterinary Drop-off appointments

LA Express Veterinary Drop-Off for International & Domestic Pet Travel.

Ensure Your Pet's Documents Get Processed Right

Pet Travel Docs


Pet Travel Docs

Aghast about the difficulty of finding USDA accredited doctors and hospital staff who are experienced with pet travel documents and veterinary procedures, Pet Travel Docs is offering the solution here with our LA based team.

  • With us you can be sure that the veterinary procedures you want are completed in the way the destination country requires. 

  • Being dedicated to only travel procedures, Pet Travel Docs offers more available and more immediate appointments

  • Here we follow up to ensure your paperwork gets to you as quickly as possible. 

Our Streamlined Process


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Your One-Stop for All Pet Travel Health Needs

  • Focused Services: Specializing exclusively in travel-related veterinary procedures. Please note, we do not offer general medical appointments.

  • Drop-off Convenience: All services require drop-off appointments for efficiency and ease.

  • International Standards: All documents issued are formatted to meet international travel requirements.

  • Efficient Testing: Blood tests are promptly sent to specialized labs to ensure quick results.

  • USDA Endorsements: We actively monitor and expedite the USDA endorsement process to minimize delays.


Our experience with the team at Pet Travel Docs was seamless! From the streamlined blood test procedures to the prompt USDA endorsements, everything was handled professionally and efficiently.

Samantha J

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